C2S2 is concerned with the algorithmic, computational and formal modelling of social and economic interaction systems to enhance the social and economic exploitation and utility of the large amounts of data produced by social, economic and IoT systems.


C2S2 promotes the integration of fundamental and applied research. It also promotes the organization of initiatives and facilitates cultural exchange, scientific debate, and the activation of new lines of research and collaboration between researchers interested in developing and applying theoretical, methodological, formal, statistical, algorithmic and AI models of computational social science. 


C2S2 was created in September 2021 by an agreement between the Department of Sociology and Social Research, the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Trento and the Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

C2S2 is composed of an interdisciplinary group of sociologists, computer scientists, economists, statisticians, social and behavioral psychologists, philosophers, linguists, and humanists who have a common interest in working in the fields of computational social science and data science.

C2S2 pays particular attention to the role that computational social science and data science will play both in fostering an improved understanding of the systems of social organization, production, communication, and consumption and human behaviour, and in responding to the technological, economic, and social transformations induced by new technologies on the forms of social, economic and daily human organization.

C2S2 aims to develop innovative research, models, methodologies, techniques and applications by exploiting the potential for knowledge and applications offered by big data, by data mining, machine learning and AI applications, and by the formal and theoretical elaboration in computational social sciences.




To activate and consolidate a network of national and international interdisciplinary collaborations

in computational social science and data science research aimed at exploiting and enhancing the social, economic and research utility of the large volumes of data produced by social, economic and IoT systems. 

To promote research activities

both through participation in national and international funding competitions and through collaboration with public and private companies, institutes, and organizations. 

To promote cultural exchange and scientific debate

between researchers involved in the development and application for social and economic purposes of theoretical, formal, statistical, econometric and algorithmic models of the large amounts of data produced by social, economic and IoT systems. 

To stimulate debate

on its research topics among all interested members of the academic community and/or civil society at the national and international level. 

To promote training initiatives 

in the fields of computational social science and data science.

To provide the interested public, private and academic institutions 

with the skills acquired for training and research activities.

To support the public dissemination to citizen

of computational social science research.